Live Traffic Map With JamCam Overlay

UPDATE: November 2016 - TfL have terminated their XML feed and this project needs to be converted to JSON standard.
UPDATE: 10 November 2016 - Converted to JSON configuration and now lists over 900 Cameras :)

Personal project designed to help me in my job as a London Bus radio controller.
I'm lucky enough to play with real London Buses for 8 hours a day and couldn't find any simple websites showing cameras anywhere.
All I found was HTML5 driven, fancy graphics versions that were were slow and cumbersome.
This is just traffic and cams using a little bit of javascript, plain and simple..

Displays real-time traffic conditions with a TfL Traffic Camera overlay plotted by GPS co-ordinates from the TfL feed.

Handsome blending of two open data sources in a web browser! Awesome tool and invaluable for traffic management.


TfL Camera with Live Traffic